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Cat Scratch Fever by Sohpie Mouette

Cat Scratch Fever by Sohpie Mouette

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Creditors breathing down her neck, crazy board members, a make-or-break benefit that’s far behind schedule – Felicia DuBois, at the Southern California Cat Sanctuary, has problems – including a bad case of the empty-bed blues. Then, sexy Gabe Sullivan walks into the Sanctuary and sets her body tingling. Felicia’s tempted to dive into bed with him … except it could mean she’d be sleeping with the enemy. Gabe’s from the Zoological Association, a watchdog organization that could decide to close the cash-strapped cat facility. Soon Gabe and Felicia are acting like cats in heat, but someone’s sabotaging the benefit. Could it be Gabe? Or, maybe it’s the bad-boy volunteer, the delicious caterer, or the board member with a penchant for leather? Throw in a handsome veterinarian and a pixieish female animal handler who likes handling Felicia and everyone ought to be purring. But, if Felicia can’t find the saboteur, the Sanctuary’s future will be as endangered as the felines it houses.

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