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The Black Widow by Lisette Ashton

The Black Widow by Lisette Ashton

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Lisette Ashton is a skilled and entertaining writer of erotic fiction with an inventive bias towards dominance/submission and erotic flagellation, principally F/F but usually with enough M/F interest to maintain interest for those seeking such stimulation. This novel is no exception, and fully maintains Ashton’s deserved reputation. It mostly concerns the revenge of a wife who feels cheated out of her inheritance in the form of a novel type of health farm in which healthy exercise mostly involves the satisfaction of basic urges. An intriguing cast of characters is assembled as the “Black Widow” plots her retribution and carries out severe punishments on both staff and guests at the Health Farm, and her progress towards eventual satisfaction is both well-devised and even rather humorous. An entertaining and stimulating read.

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