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The Lure Of Satyria by Cheryl Mildenball

The Lure Of Satyria by Cheryl Mildenball

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Princess Hedra, rather than waiting for her prince to find her, goes out and finds him, and meets a few interesting characters along the way. Fantasising about a castle where she can do whomever whenever she wants, she finds out she is living the reality. The only problem, although not really a problem, is that they have a hard time keeping up! Satyria is a kingdom used to desire being an open thing, and so is carrying them out. Whereas she is from one where IT is not done at all. Surprised at her innitiative, then pleased, she is gladly welcomed as their new mistress. But things are not all smooth sailing, when Satyria is threatened by the same king that overtook her home country. Willing to stand up the the depraved and decadent king, she agrees to the deal that she must make three of his loyalist knights pledge their loyalty to her. Will she succeed?

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