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Velvet plush Kegal Kit

Velvet plush Kegal Kit

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The World’s Smoothest Silicone

The Ultimate Kegal Kit 6-Step System
•Three interchangeable kegal balls for six levels of comfort
•The ultimate hour-a-day muscle-strengthening system
•Hypoallergenic, beginner-friendly
•Silicone, ABS plastic
•Phthalate & latex free

Try the Velvet Plush Ultimate Kegel Trainer Kit from Icon Brands. The ideal Kegal trainer kit for beginners to advanced.

Three levels of weights allow you to customize your training experience, achieving a total of six graduated steps.

Two silicone sleeves are included for single or double ball use. Use the lighter for beginners and the heavier for advanced.

Duotone Kegel balls can also be used alone for an entirely different experience.

Try them out while rocking in a chair and master your own orgasm!

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