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Pjur Clean Spray Lotion 100ml

Pjur Clean Spray Lotion 100ml

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This tried and tested spray is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal.

It’s also completely alcohol free and contains no perfume or fragrance, which means not only is it safe to use on your latex and silicone toys, it’s also mild enough to use directly on sensitive or irritated skin, making cleaning up after sex a breeze!

Washing with warm soapy water alone won’t kill any nasty bugs lurking on your plastic fantastic or worse – you! Giving your toys a quick spray with Pjur Med Clean Intimacy Cleaning Spray Lotion however works as a guard against infection and quickly and gently cleans and removes dirt, lubricants and bacteria – without spreading germs.

It’s the convenient, no mess solution to playing it safe between the sheets!

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