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Womanizer - Purple

Womanizer - Purple

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The future of pleasure has arrived! The womanizer is a unique pleasure object designed to give you earth shattering orgasms!

Unlike other vibrators, the Womanizer works on a new technology which appears to “suck” on the clitoris once the head is placed over it. Conventional clitoral stimulators arouse the sensitive glans with vibrations of different intensities and patterns.

The revolutionary womanizer® technology makes it possible to stimulate the clitoris without contact for the first time. An unprecedented experience of lust, crowned with powerful orgasms, can be experienced. An over-stimulation of the clitoris becomes a thing of the past. Orgasms in a previously inexperienced manner and strength – any number of times.

The womanizer® has been extensively tested with pure lust with females aged between 20 and 60. These unique results speak for themselves:

73% experienced a multiple orgasm
76% experienced an exceptionally intense orgasm
63% sensed an entirely new sexual experience
98% wanted to own a womanizer®
100% evaluated the womanizer® to be absolutely unique

– touchless stimulation of the clitoris
– precisely adjustable regulation of intensity
– rechargeable lithium ion accumulator (via USB port)
– exchangeable stimulation head made of medical silicone
– light effect in the dark
– attractive design
– no accustoming effect due to new technology
– triggers multiple orgasms
– absolutely novel orgasmic feeling
– 100% orgasm guarantee***

Length: 16cm
Warranty: 12 months
Width: 5cm

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